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World Polio Day 2020


World Polio Day 2020


Welt-Polio-Tag 2020


World Polio Day 2020


Welt-Polio-Tag 2020


World Polio Day 2020


World Polio Day 2020


World Polio Day 2020


World Polio Day 2020

Review: International Online Conference on World Polio Day 2020

On 24 October 2020 (10-12:30 CET), the world’s biggest online Polio conference was held with the international Who’s Who in the fight against polio.

Since 1979 Rotary has been fighting the Polio virus. Polio primarily affects children under five and causes possible paralysis or even death. Through preventive vaccination the number of cases worldwide has been reduced by 99.9 percent.

However, until the virus is completely eradicated, all children in the world are still at risk. We must remain vigilant!


Welcome to the
Online Conference

World Polio Day








Review: Program of the virtual conference 2020

On October 24, 2020, Rotary clarifies where everyone stands in the common fight against Polio. Hear contributions from prominent supporters like Holger Knaack (President 2020/21 of Rotary International), UNICEF, WHO, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and many other international experts.

Why is Rotary’s PolioPlus programm so important? What is being done worldwide to ensure a successful infrastructure? How can we all help? You can hear the answers to these and many other questions while traveling or listening comfortably from home.

Download 2020 program as PDF

Download 2020 speakers as PDF

Learn more about the program:

Presentation Germany: 
Michaela Padberg, Televison presenter

10:00 Switzerland:
Urs Herzog, Rotary Polio Germany/Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Welcome to an almost polio-free world

10:05 Germany:
Holger Knaack, President 2020/21 Rotary International
Why is polio one of my main concerns?

10:20 Germany:
Anke Schewe: Governor Rotary District 1900
Greetings from the host district

10:25 Germany:
Christian Schleuss, Polio Rotary District 1900
What happened until now 

10:30 Chat-Discussion

Global perspectives

10:35 Germany:
Hans-Joachim Wöbbeking, Polio Patient
I live with polio

10:40 Pakistan:
Tayyaba Gul, Polio Pakistan
My frontwork with health workers

10:45 Afghanistan:
Laiq Karimi, former Vaccination Helper in Afghanistan
The way to the mountain villages

10:50 Nigeria:
Tunji Funsho, Chair Polio Plus Committee Nigeria
Reaching the polio free status – strategies

10:55 Chat-Discussion

Globale Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) explains

11:05 USA:
Mike McGovern, Rotary International Chair PolioPlus Committee
Backbone of polio eradication

11:10 Switzerland:
Michel Zaffran, Director WHO Polio
Why we must not give up

11:15 USA:
Sue Gerber, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Why we fight polio

11:20 Jordan:
Hamid Jafari, Center of Disease Control and WHO
The road to polio-free Pakistan and Afghanistan

11:25 Switzerland:
Melissa Corkum, Polio Senior Manager for UNICEF
UNICEF’s core role in polio eradication

11:30 Switzerland:
Stephen Sosler, GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization)
GAVI – the Vaccine Alliance’s role in helping to achieve a polio-free world

11:35 Chat-Discussion

What we do in Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein

11:45 Germany:
Hans-Iko Huppertz, President Academy Child/Youth Medicine
Polio vaccination in Germany?

11:50 Germany:
Anne von Fallois, Polio Plus National Advocacy Advisor
Securing government funds to fight polio: Rotary in conversation with government and politics

11:55 Germany:
Birgit Pickel, Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit
What Germany is contributing to ending polio

12:00 Switzerland:
Joachim Walter Koch, Rotary Polio Switzerland
Why the fight against Polio must go on

12:05 Chat-Discussion

12:25 Switzerland:
Urs Herzog
Summary and farewell 

Reported Cases in Afghanistan in 2020


Worldwide Reduction of Polio Cases

Reported Cases in Pakistan in 2020

Covid-19 and Polio

The Corona Pandemic has emphasized the importance of the PolioPlus project of Rotary.

Presently the global polio vaccination network is playing a decisive role, not only in the fight against polio, but also against Covid-19!

Learn more about the Rotary vaccination network against Polio here

2020 German Polio Tulip Campaign for a Good Cause

Rotary and the youth organization Rotaract launched a joint sales campaign with 100,000 tulip bulbs. With the profits from the sale of just one package (approx. 10 tulip bulbs), 10 children could vaccinate against Polio.

One package cost 6,50 Euro. The proceeds went 100 percent to the Rotary Project END POLIO NOW. You could place your orders here: (minimum purchase 50 packages). The tulips were only available in Germany.

With this joint campaign, all service clubs had the opportunity to do good and set an example. The tulips were also a lovely and lasting gift for family, friends and business associates.


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  • Urs Herzog
  • Anke Schewe
  • Christian Schleuss
  • Carola Plaesier
  • Nicola Leffelsend
  • Karsten Kümmerlein
  • Maximilian Korfmacher
  • Moritz von Eckhardstein
  • Michaela Padberg
  • Kim Widlicki
  • Claudia Brunner
  • Knut Rieniets
  • Noelle Turner
  • Birgit Weichmann

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